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When challenges emerge, the world’s underwriters turn to RGA. With insights developed over four decades, RGA is ideally positioned to support individual life, living benefits, longevity, and group reinsurance products. 

RGA is a global leader in life and health underwriting, honored repeatedly for medical underwriting, underwriting support, underwriting innovation, and training around the world.

Notably, for the fourth consecutive year, RGA was ranked #1 by ceding companies on NMG Consulting’s 2017 Global Life & Health Reinsurance study for overall underwriting functional performance. RGA was also ranked #1 on NMG’s Business Capability Index by underwriters at insurers in Canada, Central and Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa and Taiwan, respectively.

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RGA embraces facultative underwriting as an area of focus. We are the world leader in this form of individual large-case underwriting and substandard risk assessment, receiving more than 8 million cases since 1979. 

  • Timely Service: RGA earned our reputation for informative and comprehensive decisions that are competitively priced — and delivered with a sense of urgency. 
  • Large-Case Capacity: RGA maintains close relationships with a global network of retrocessionaires, which allows us to quickly secure available capacity to underwrite and place large risks so our clients can write more business. 

Clients can turn to RGA for competitive, world-class underwriting services and insights.  Contact us to learn more.  

RGA has amassed one of the largest mortality databases in the world; the resulting data and experience enable our experts to help clients make better underwriting decisions.  

Emerging data sources are transforming the science of risk selection, and predictive modeling allows insurers to apply new, non-traditional evidence sources to underwriting, from credit data to fraud-risk-scoring models. 

RGA is expert at using data to dramatically increase insight into mortality and morbidity risk, improving accuracy and persistency, reducing cost, and streamlining the underwriting process.

The RGA Global Underwriting Manual  is a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide that provides instant access to risk classification information. GUM helps underwriters make knowledgeable decisions on life, critical illness, disability income, hospitalization and medical reimbursement, waiver of premium, total and permanent disability and accidental death benefits, as well as a range of market-specific product types. 

RGA’s AURA platform enables clients to place policies, capture information, improve consistency and reduce costs. Available in multiple languages, AURA provides automated risk selection decisions and management reports for more than four million life, health, and annuity applications annually.

RGA’s underwriting team offers a range of expertise to enhance your business, including:

  • Assessment to enhance clarity and promote disclosure
  • Evidence review
  • Significant expertise in the development of mortality, living benefit and health products, including underwriting processes
  • Extensive quality assurance and auditing expertise

Contact us to learn how RGA’s underwriting team can help you. 

As a leader in Underwriting expertise, RGA believes in the power of shared knowledge and are committed to the ongoing education for our associates and clients. 

  • RGA helps client underwriters and actuaries stay abreast of the latest insights, research and trends through underwriting conferences and training opportunities.  
  • RGA’s Global Learning framework, for example, is a flexible training program for highly motivated underwriters to accelerate career development and augment skills. Global Learning takes several formats to suit different stages of underwriting development and delivery needs. We have Classroom and On-Line delivery formats as well as continuous information sessions with our GULF Stream video series and Practice Park on-line case study module.
  • Newsletters, white papers and articles, many of which are available in our Knowledge Center, help clients keep pace with this fast-changing field.
    • RGA has the most test sites of any insurance company in the world for the Academy of Life Underwriting (ALU). We encourage and support our underwriters in their pursuit of ongoing professional development. 
    • RGA experts volunteer as ALU test writers and as writers or editors for the Academy’s prestigious On the Risk  magazine.
    • RGA underwriters also lend their professional expertise to benefit underwriting associations around the world, such as the Canadian Institute of Underwriters, and played a critical role in the launch of the Polish Association of Underwriters, the Underwriting Association of Japan and the Association of Indian Underwriters.