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Living Benefits Reinsurance

Serious illness, the loss of the ability to work and frailty in old age are major risks around the world. RGA helps our clients develop solutions. Known as living benefits reinsurance, these products fall into several categories: Critical Illness, Disability, and Long-Term Care insurance. 

RGA leverages extensive morbidity and mortality expertise from the protection market to design and develop profitable products for an ever-changing population. Through its product trend analysis, RGA has been at the forefront of innovation as changes in demographics, workplaces, consumer attitude and other factors increase demand for living benefits insurance in both the individual and group markets.

  • RGA works with direct writers to develop living benefits products with enhanced consumer benefits. 
  • We offer insights into the latest market and medical research, specialized underwriting, actuarial solutions, claims, and case management consulting, as well as extensive training services.
  • From product design and rating assistance to financial and distribution solutions, RGA is a partner in critical illness, disability, and long-term care markets. 

Contact us to learn more.