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Global Health 

Public health systems are under intense pressure from rising longevity, increasing lifestyle diseases, expensive medical advances and the healthcare demands of a growing global middle class. RGA is uniquely positioned to navigate this dynamic environment.

At RGA, we deliver customized, cost-efficient health reinsurance solutions – backed by superior financial strength, industry expertise, and support services from the only global life and health reinsurance company. 

RGA’s local health experts in these markets are supported by our Global Health Team who are themselves located around the globe to facilitate ease of access. The team of medical doctors, actuaries, underwriters and claims management professionals around the world partner with clients to implement and support traditional and cutting edge new health products offering proportional and non-proportional risk sharing arrangements.

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Globally, RGA offers in-depth knowledge of local markets, health product trends, and risk conditions in key regions. Areas of focus include:

  • Middle East and North Africa Region
    Home to some of the fastest growing private health insurance markets, the local health insurance industry has many opportunities as governments focus on diversification. While regulator-driven compulsory health insurance for expatriates continues to be the largest driver of growth,  the trend toward increasing lifestyle-related illness, demographic factors and expanding healthcare privatization contribute to favorable growth and demand for Individual and Group Private Health Insurance. RGA, through its Dubai office, offers locally compliant medical reinsurance, bespoke product development, and technical solutions for the region.
  • Italy
    Emphasis on innovation distinguishes RGA in Italy. The only specialized health reinsurer in the Italian market, RGA provides specific health reinsurance covers for both individual and group business. Product development has become a key differentiator: Our extensive range of products includes tailor-made solutions that account for the protection gap in the market as well as the specific requirements of our clients.
  • Southeast Asia
    A rising middle class is fueling demand for private health cover and public-private healthcare partnerships in Southeast Asia. RGA’s dedicated team supports our clients across the value chain. We are solely focused on local challenges and solutions and strive to deliver first-to-market product and underwriting innovations. RGA works in partnership with clients to holistically manage and monitor the end-to-end health reimbursement process and experience.
  • China
    Evolving consumer expectations and government policies in China continue to encourage growth in private health or “reimbursement” insurance. As middle-class and high-net-worth Chinese seek alternatives to the public insurance system or critical-illness policies, reimbursement solutions offer greater flexibility. RGA offers a strong background in reimbursement products, proven product development expertise, and local market insight. 
  • Latin America
    Latin America is also home to a thriving market for private health insurance. RGA’s excess and quota share programs for the full range of existing products are ideally positioned to serve the needs of the insured and underinsured through innovative products and solutions, reducing the huge healthcare protection gap. 


As health records are digitized, expertise in analytics, strong data infrastructure, and innovative product development are essential.

  • RGA maintains an extensive internal database of biometric experience data, and the technical expertise to effectively analyze and apply that data to deliver solutions.
  • RGA partners with local health insurers to develop and implement new products through joint risk-sharing and aligned incentives.
  • RGA designs products with the flexibility to ensure successful implementation. This can include underwriting and benefit modifications, application of sub-limits, and waiting period and definition adjustments.

RGA currently reinsures the following products:

Medical reimbursement

  • In-country with or without out-of-country
  • In patient and/or out patient
  • Disease specific including specialist cancer, cardiac, and stroke treatment products

Fixed benefit

  • Hospital cash
  • Surgical cash (listed and no list)
  • Mixed fixed benefits

RGA health experts assist clients with additional services including:

  • VOC and R&D insights
  • Preferred provider network evaluations
  • Third-party administrator evaluations
  • Health and wellness initiatives
  • Provider access arrangement
  • Portfolio monitoring via dashboards and comprehensive experience analysis
  • Specialized cost management strategies training and implementation support

When challenges emerge, the world’s underwriters turn to RGA.

  • RGA provides direct evaluations with turnaround times among the best in the industry.
  • RGA’s ability to load premiums to provide cover for disclosed conditions is unique in many markets.
  • RGA offers the Global Underwriting Manual (GUM), widely considered a top manual for medical benefits cover, and AURA, a leading global platform for automated underwriting.
  • RGA also offers group underwriting solutions including group (fac) pricing support and pricing models, book and experience rating of new and renewal risks as well as training support.
RGA offers proven claims assessment support, which includes complex cases and large claims management. We also provide intelligence for suspect claims and fraud management tools, quality assurance reviews for claims decisions, process reviews, and training. RGA ranked #1 on NMG’s 2016 Global Life & Health Reinsurance study (Business Capability Index) for claims management performance. 
  • RGA offers a wide variety of health-related seminars, webinars, and workshops, as well as individualized sessions depending on each client’s needs and requests. 
  • RGA provides advice and support to clients on specific topics at every stage of the health insurance value chain.
  • RGA regularly publishes thought leadership on health-specific topics, including research, briefs and blogs.