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Health Reinsurance

Insurers worldwide face increasing pressure to deliver high-quality healthcare coverage while actively controlling costs. As one of the world's largest life and health reinsurers, RGA is exceptionally well positioned to help clients to adapt – and thrive – in an evolving medical landscape.

RGA works with insurers around the globe to implement and support traditional health insurance products – while partnering to create innovative solutions. Experienced health teams in key markets such as the U.S., Mexico, the Middle East and North Africa region, China, Italy, and Southeast Asia deliver health services customized to meet local needs. Local offices are supported by a global virtual team and the resources of RGA’s worldwide enterprise.

Each market brings its own unique set of challenges due to political, economic, and regulatory conditions. Whether you currently provide health insurance in a mature environment or an emerging market, RGA can help. RGA provides customized health reinsurance solutions to address complex challenges.

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