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Global Financial Solutions

The RGA Global Financial Solutions (GFS) team embodies the simple, but powerful, idea that reinsurance should be a capital and financial management option to consider alongside other traditional capital instruments and corporate actions. 

RGA pioneered the use of reinsurance as a financial management tool and remains a leading provider of such solutions around the world. We understand that each market is different. So, GFS experts are on the ground in every region of the globe, supporting local RGA offices.  

Our broad and deep understanding of clients' specific capital needs, as well as extensive knowledge of local markets and global best practices, uniquely positions RGA to find solutions that improve capital efficiency and promote long-term stability and growth.

Every GFS transaction is highly tailored and the product of an information-sharing process designed to help clients achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • Reduce required capital
  • Reduce volatility in required capital
  • Improve earnings
  • Reduce volatility in earnings
  • Improve return on capital
  • Exit a line of business
  • Move capital between legal entities (fungibility)
  • Manage investment risks through asset-intensive solutions
  • Finance new business, especially in overseas subsidiaries
  • Reduce the impact of annuitants living longer than expected

To learn more, meet our team.