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AURA / e-Underwriting Solutions

AURA® (Automated Underwriting and Risk Analysis) is an e-underwriting platform and rules engine powered by RGA's underwriting and analytics expertise. For well over a decade, AURA has enabled companies on six continents to realize the significant benefits of fast, flexible, and reliable automated underwriting.

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RGA transforms critical information into practical and evidence-based rules. For more than 40 years, RGA has been committed to developing underwriting expertise and applying it to innovative, customer-focused solutions. AURA reflects the combined knowledge and insights of RGA medical directors, research and development staff, and experienced underwriters. When you choose RGA, your organization benefits from: 

  • RGA’s capacity for acceptance of risk and risk sharing through reinsurance. 
  • The full support of RGA; we back AURA with superior underwriting, risk-sharing, and a proven reputation. 
  • A solid foundation of superior underwriting rules and expertise. AURA rules are continually updated to reflect the latest underwriting philosophies. AURA has more than 50 implementations across 17 countries in 10 languages.

The Rules Service is the core of AURA. A powerful, web-based technology, the Rules Service accepts electronic data gathered by AURA’s different modules and applies underwriting rules, customized for your company, across all evidence to produce a decision. AURA allows companies to:

  • Create, manage, and share rule sets for multiple products, risk factors, language requirements, or regions. 
  • Use standard RGA underwriting rule sets or build rules to reflect a specific underwriting philosophy. Starting with the RGA master rules set, companies can customize rules and still be confident that the underlying critical assumptions and expedited processes are sound. This is a significant advantage when seeking to swiftly update guidelines or adapt to changing business needs and product lines.
  • Streamline end-to-end underwriting processes with a rules engine that can be integrated into any standard industry workflow and underwriting desktop management system.
  • Take advantage of a user-friendly, drag-and-drop design.
  • Benefit from full user security administration and an audit trail for all rules changes. 

AURA Business Intelligence (BI) contains full data extracts, standards, traditional reports, and data visualization tools.  AURA BI allows your company to:

  • Refine underwriting rules
  • Monitor demographics
  • Analyze trends
  • Monitor decision frequency
  • Maintain decision quality
  • Track new business and more

When combined with RGA’s actuarial and data analysis expertise, AURA BI can transform your business.